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Selected clients:

Norway Post
Stora Enso
Filippa K
EF Education First

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Selected education:

Hyper Island, Digital Strategy
London College of Communication
New York Film Academy
Forsbergs School of Graphic Design

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Anders Nord, Creative Director from Sweden

Nord's primary focus is on creativity and how people experience a brand. With more than 15 years of working with large-scale brand identity projects, he brings a wealth of experince to the table. Nord started his career studying graphic design in Stockholm, film in New York, brand identity in London, and digital strategy at Hyper Island. Prior to the branding world he worked with fashion, for an auction house, and in film production for both television commercials and music videos. Growing up, Nord's mother, a well-known hoarder, decorated the entire family home in floral patterns. This has resulted in Nord's ongoing focus on simplicity, clarity, and quality. 

This site shows selected projects, please get in touch if you want to know more and if you need help with a branding project.

— What has been said about Nord

Karin Wickberg
Chief Marketing Officer at Hästens Group

"Anders is a highly inspirational and knowledgeable person with an amazing sense for aesthetics and creative development. He has been fundamental in building the brand platform for Hästens and also in the implementation of various executions for the brand. It is very obvious that he has a genuine interest in art and design and therefore constantly brings new influences to the table. I would highly recommend Anders as a creative strategist and for creative direction."

Vanessa Gandy
Head of Experience at Nordic Museum

"Anders to me is a true Creative director. One who not only possesses the ability to apply his excellent design skills and concept development, but also willing to share his knowledge and experienced perspective with others around him. Helping people to grow. Working with Anders is inspiring, challenging (in a good way) and a joint quest to create the absolute top notch results. And anyone who has had the opportunity to hear a speech from him will tell you of his charming and personal style. I am happy to recommend him to anyone."

Larni Kollander
Digital Production Manager at H&M

"Anders is a rare and special breed - he has the ability to knock you off your chair with outstanding ideas while being acutely aware of what is needed to have true effect out in market. He takes accountability for his work and knows what it means to be a true team player. Most importantly, Anders knows how to read a room and has the ability to connect with both clients and colleagues alike. A natural born leader and an asset to any organization – I can't recommend Anders highly enough."

Dan Josefsberg
CEO at PwC Experience Center

"I had the privilege to work with Anders for close to two years. He is one of the most charismatic and talented people I have met. Brilliant at his craft and a source of inspiration for people around him. He cares deeply about his work, clients and colleagues. He combines aesthetics, business understanding and storytelling abilities to create amazing outcomes.”

— Nord helps companies and organisations to define and sharpen their brand through conceptual ideas in high quality executions. The vision is to build a strong and authentic relationship between people and attractive brand experiences.


— What

Brand Review
Brand Identity
Brand Concepts
Brand Guidelines
Digital Design
Graphic Design
Packaging Design
Product Design
Environmental Design

Brand Review

A thorough review of all key elements and how they are executed and applied in all contexts.

Brand Identity

Building of a clear visual and verbal expression for a brand, applicable for all the brand’s touchpoints.

Brand Guidelines

Creation of a strong framework and clear structure for the brand design and all core graphic elements with guidelines for application.

Brand Concepts

A “Big idea”, can be executed in all media and will communicate the directional idea in the best possible way.

Digital Design

Creating design for use in interactive, digital media.

Graphic Design

Expressing brand messages visually in a variety of applications, in print, moving images or in digital media.

Packaging Design

Creating carriers of products. Often in physical form, but lately often also in digital form.

Product Design

Designing new products or services.

Environment Design

Creating environments and 3D settings where the brand is clearly communicated. Can be anything from fairs and events to buildings and offices.

— How

1. Analysing & Defining

The objective of analysing and defining strategic goals is to create an understanding of where a company is, or should be heading. The main objective is that everyone involved with the company (internally and externally) has a clear view of what the company stands for and believes in.

2. Creating & Designing

The creative process is about discovering how to dramatise a business strategy. This is made through analysis, sketches, explorations of a concept or a design. The main objective is to find a creative and attractive perspective to a company to enhance the experience.

3. Execute & Implementation

When the creative approach is set, the execution is started in order to achieve the absolute best end-result. Implementations are made across different touch-points in order to meet the requirements and create strong communications.

4. Stories & Documentation

By documenting the journey and project performance, it can be shared both internally and externally in order to learn from the process. How did people react, what stories were told, and which of these learnings should be passed forward in order to keep the company up to date?

— The network

Our wide network consists of amazing talents in all parts of a branding project.

Illustrators / Film-makers / 3D Specialists / Manufacturers / Developers / Digital Specialists / Photographers / Strategists / Product Designers / Animators / Economists / Lawyers / Programmers / Authors / Printers / Architects / Project Leaders / Interior Designers / Typographers

— Early years

My dad has always loved football and introduced me as a six year old to a football team, but I never understood who to pass to and what direction to run, which wasn't a great success. My neighbour Anders Delsborn (who was the first person to arrive in his taxi and report the Olof Palme murder) had a motorcycle which I couldn't get enough of. The love and passion for motorcycles became the beginning of a 11 year old training and competing era in motocross for my dad and me.

During these years I became aware of design, function and different brands through all the safety gear in this sport. And as a 10-year old I started to write handwritten letters to brands like Fox Racing, Bell and Oakley to urge them to change their designs according to my ideas.

— My mother, a hoarder

My mother is a hoarder. But she is also the strongest person, mentally and physically, that I have ever known. Her confidence, strong temperament, and humility are rare and admirable. 

When I was about 8 years old, I invited a couple of friends to our home. My friends walked slowly and carefully through the house with a look of surprise on their faces, when one said, "So sad that you're going to move!". I asked what he meant and he responded "Well...the whole house is a mess, filled with boxes and stuff. It looks like you're moving!” I answered that it always looked like this, and that we were not moving.

My mother was brought up in Northern Sweden with only her father, as her mother passed away when she was 3 years old. They were not poor, but close, and as a result; she is unable to get rid of things. And because I grew up in a home filled with things, I have the opposite reaction: the cleaner and less clutter there is, the better my brain works. There are of course environmental implications too – buying mass quantities of cheap, bad quality items is not the way this world will become a better place.

— Other things

Anders Nord_Speech_Bonava.jpg

Lecturing & Presenting

Though it is sometimes nerve-racking; creating, making presentations and teach is something I find very stimulating. To meet the people behind a company and translate strategy to creativity and design ideas is so fulfilling. It is about telling all the stories that once started with a blank piece of paper to finished creative solutions.

At the launch of the new Bonava brand I presented their new design world in three different occasions. The first one was at Hotel Sign in Stockholm for 170 top managers from eight countries, the second was in Artipelag for 100 top managers in Sweden. The third occasion was held in Färgfabriken for PwC.

At Hyper Island I am mentoring students in brand identity and also lectured in creative thinking.

Dorian - Metal & Light installation

Inspired by Oscar Wilde's novel ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’, I made a metal and light installation that reacts on the spectator instead of the other way around.  The 16 metal frames were welded together, each frame has a tube light and a sensor attached that sense peoples movement. The light switches on and fade off only as the spectator walks close to the installation.

Museum of London, Designed in Sweden.
Sir Terence Conran opened the exhibition with a speech.

Hardcover: 114 pages
Publisher: Arvinius Förlag
Language: English

Monocle Issue 18

Monocle contacted me and asked if I could draw them a building that would illustrate their story "Build a better embassy - Creating a new type of mission for diplomacy, culture, trade and even shopping". I drew this house in 5 days, exterior and interior and I am featured as architect in this story.